Rebates to qualified buyers of Los Altos real estate typically cover all closing costs.

Listing discounts as low as 1% typically save Los Altos homesellers many thousands of dollars.

Investors of all kinds, including builders and developers, reap rich rewards when they partner with Pacific Century Realty.

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Los Altos Discount Realtor® Will List Your House for as Low as 1%

Looking for a discount Realtor or discount realty service in Los Altos? Pacific Century Realty is Los Altos's only true full-service discount broker, offering generous listing discounts for sellers and rebates for buyers. Commission discounts and buyer rebates typically save consumers many thousands of dollars.

If you are preparing to buy a home in Los Altos or sell a house in Los Altos, you can save money with no sacrifice to service. To determine whether you qualify for one of Pacific Century's discount listing or buyer rebate programs, read through the information on the menu from the link above, then call or email for a free consultation. Find out how a discount listing or buyer rebate program with Los Altos's only true full-service discount real estate brokerage could enhance your bottom line by as much as $100,000 or more.

Review the illustration below, to see how a discount listing program can enhance a seller's bottom line. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for further details. Sell a home fast or find out how to sell a house quickly in Los Altos. Email or call toll-free: 1(888)4PC-RLTY (1-888-472-7589).


Traditional Listing
Seller A lists with a traditional brokerage. The house sells for $3 million, with the listing agent representing the buyer. At 6% (3% for the seller's side plus 3% for the buyer's), the total commission is $180,000.



Full-Service Discount Listing
Seller B lists with Pacific Century Realty. The house sells for $3 million, with the listing agent representing the buyer. At 2%, the total commission comes to $60,000. Seller B saves $120,000 over Seller A!